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DjVuReader (DjVu Reader) — программа, предназначена для просмотра файлов в формате DjVu. Программа поддерживает два языка: русский и английский. Два языка включено в ее поддержку, так как она написана русскоговорящими разработчиками.

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Djvu reader - english description

Djvu reader - a program to view and read the file format. Djvu. The program is free and requires no installation, you just download the program, and unzip it to your hard drive. The portability of the program - it is the most important plus, it does not take up much space, it is easy to find and download on the Internet, and it does not need to install. That this was the widespread dissemination, as usual viewing djvu files - this is a one-time thing, and for a long time such a program on your computer is not needed. Compared with similar programs, djvu reader a little slower displays files djvu software, this is especially noticeable when viewed large file or a computer is not very powerful. However, it has a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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